Meaning of count noun in English:

count noun


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(also countable noun)
  • A noun that can form a plural and, in the singular, can be used with the indefinite article (e.g. books, a book).

    Contrasted with mass noun

    ‘It's been a long time since I even noticed uses of troop as a count noun meaning ‘soldier’.’
    • ‘For fear of this, they want to forestall the conversion of certain proper noun trademarks into common count nouns.’
    • ‘This is borne out by our ways of describing them, using always count nouns rather than mass nouns.’
    • ‘We need a term that distinguishes (at least) two types of count nouns, and ‘collective noun’ is a really wonderful name for one of them.’
    • ‘Singular count nouns like ‘eye’ normally can't occur without a preceding determiner (not ‘I saw eye’, but instead ‘I saw a/one/the/this/its eye ’).’