Meaning of count out in English:

count out

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phrasal verb

  • 1count someone out, count out someoneNot include someone in an activity.

    ‘if this is a guessing game you can count me out’
    • ‘The Stars are losers so far this summer in the open market, but don't count them out when the season starts.’
    • ‘If not, count me out for the second X-Files movie, if such a thing ever happens.’
    • ‘As William James stated about Myers in a 1901 letter, he was aware of ‘how much psychologists as a rule have counted him out from their profession’.’
    • ‘If this is where technology is going, you can count me out.’
    • ‘Do what you like, we know we can't stop you - just count us out.’
    • ‘The athlete faces a tough field in Athens, and might find gold a hurdle too far - but don't count her out.’
    • ‘The communication between the two means you can never count them out, even though they begin the second half of the Chase in ninth place, 124 points behind Stewart.’
    • ‘He has had trouble repeating his original start-up glory with his work in satellite telephone networks - but don't count him out.’
    • ‘The Buccaneers were a first-half flop, but we're not counting them out yet; they'll be better down the stretch.’
    • ‘At age 38 Lewis' critics have counted him out more than once.’
    exclude, omit, leave out, rule out, except, reject, drop, eliminate, cut out, keep out
  • 2count someone out, count out someoneComplete a count of ten seconds over a fallen boxer to indicate defeat.

    ‘Jeffries landed a left hook to the jaw and Fitz was counted out’
    • ‘Etienne was knocked flat on his back in the middle of the ring and he lay there as referee Bill Clancy counted him out just 49 seconds into the scheduled 10-round fight.’
    • ‘There was a pinch of controversy over the way Abdulaev was counted out after suffering a knockdown at the hands of Clottey.’
    • ‘It was here that his dream was shattered as he was counted out by the referee.’
    • ‘He made a motion as if to get back up, them slumped back down as the referee counted him out.’
    • ‘Referee Alfred counted him out at two minutes and 51 seconds of the fourth, by which time Iron Mike had rusted into a crumpled heap.’
  • 3count something out, count out somethingTake items one by one from a stock of something, especially money, keeping a note of how many one takes.

    ‘opening the wallet I counted out 19 dollars’
    • ‘Rich people still get professional bankers, competent and dressed in wool, to count their money out to them.’
    • ‘Cashiers handing change to customers count the money out in English even to obviously monolingual older Navajos.’
    • ‘I raised my eyebrows at him as I began to take out the money and count it out.’
    • ‘He reaches over with one hand and takes the money as one of the two older women counts it out.’
    • ‘He pulled all of his money from his shirt pocket and counted it out.’
    • ‘She pulled out all the money that she had brought from the Motel and counted it out onto the counter.’
    • ‘He clumsily pulled a pack of matches out of his pocket and proceeded to tear out seventeen of the matches, counting them out and crisscrossing them on top of one another as he did.’
    • ‘Or perhaps babies rely on an innate facility for making automatic distinctions of up to three or four items without counting them out, as some other scientists theorize.’
    • ‘I could not resist going to where I had stored these bulbs and counting them out… all 99 of them.’
    • ‘He looked at the worn banknotes doubled over in his jacket pocket and slowly counted them out.’