Meaning of count pennies in English:

count pennies


(also North American pinch pennies)
  • Be careful about how much one spends.

    ‘retirees need to count pennies’
    • ‘They watch the pennies as you and I would our own money.’
    • ‘As my grandmother says, the rich stay that way by watching the pennies.’
    • ‘They favor incremental improvements over time and watch the pennies.’
    • ‘If you're counting your pennies, a great date doesn't have to break the bank.’
    • ‘He'll be off earning vast piles of undeserved cash on the lecture circuit and drawing his bloated pension any day now and we'll be left sweeping up and counting the pennies.’
    • ‘After counting the pennies, can you afford to have children?’
    • ‘So what was it like to finally be able to stop counting the pennies?’
    • ‘That is because people are watching the pennies and have either found a cheaper product, or decided that they simply cannot afford to take it.’
    • ‘If you can get some one else to drive, this is a course worth playing, especially if you are watching the pennies.’
    • ‘If they're to manage their finances properly while they're at university, they will need to know how to count the pennies.’
    save, save money, cut expenditure, cut costs