Meaning of count the cost in English:

count the cost


  • Experience the adverse consequences of something, typically a foolish action.

    ‘A trust spokeswoman said: ‘Every year, the NHS counts the cost of unused wasted medicines.’’
    • ‘About 170,000 homes in Scotland are at risk of flooding, according to the Scottish Executive, and insurers are counting the cost of deteriorating weather patterns.’
    • ‘And when counting the cost of our excesses, let us not forget the unfortunate Mediterranean authorities who have to pick up the pieces when holidaying Brits lose all control.’
    • ‘Businesses in Dublin were left counting the cost after truck drivers brought traffic to a standstill yesterday morning in protest over a crackdown on illegal dumping.’
    • ‘The party was counting the cost yesterday of several humiliating losses in West Yorkshire on what proved a difficult night at Thursday's council elections.’
    • ‘As the wind whipped up Edinburgh's Royal Mile, the French couple were counting the cost of their seven-day visit to Scotland.’
    • ‘The Canterbury Bulldogs club is today counting the cost of its decision to sack its football manager, Garry Hughes, last night.’
    • ‘Wanderers were unbeaten in three Premiership matches during February, but were left counting the cost of a couple of late defensive lapses.’
    • ‘England and Wales are both counting the cost of injuries to key players ahead of the RBS Six Nations Championship.’
    • ‘A conscientious motorist is counting the cost of his actions after driving through a red traffic light to allow an emergency ambulance to pass.’