Meaning of counter-attacker in English:



See counter-attack

‘‘There had been attacking full backs of course,’ Scotland says, ‘but they were largely counter-attackers.’’
  • ‘Throw in the strike force of Adrian Ilie and Claudio Lopez, perhaps the continent's finest natural counter-attackers, and you've got a side which, on its day, can send any opponent home in tears.’
  • ‘Against quick counter-attackers like Landon Donovan and DaMarcus Beazley they had no chance.’
  • ‘Because Uruguay's main striker, Dario Silva, is himself primarily a light-weight counter-attacker, the best way for Recoba to provide service is if he remains near him on the pitch.’
  • ‘There is a risk in kicking to such an elusive counter-attacker as Robinson.’
  • ‘At ten o'clock the pilot began to sharply rock the aircraft's wings, hoping to confuse and dislodge the counter-attackers.’
  • ‘At the same time, he puts the arm on the same side of his around his opponent's neck, forcing both to fall backwards, and the counter-attacker lands on top.’