Meaning of counter-conditioning in English:



mass noun
  • A technique employed in animal training and the treatment of phobias and similar conditions in humans, in which behaviour incompatible with a habitual undesirable pattern is induced.

    Compare with deconditioning

    ‘‘For example, with counter-conditioning if a dog sees a child running it can be retrained to react by going to its owner for a treat,’ Dr Kase said.’
    • ‘Behavioral changes involve activities that change overt behaviors and include counter-conditioning, stimulus control, contingency management, self-liberation, and helping relationships.’
    • ‘Desensitization and counter-conditioning are so effective that one can honestly call this problem 99% solvable.’
    • ‘In that group, a median of 1.1 additional counter-conditioning treatments were used.’
    • ‘Most fears can be treated using desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques, which require a lot of time and patience.’