Meaning of counter-insurgency in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkaʊntərɪnˈsəːdʒ(ə)nsi/


mass noun
  • Military or political action taken against the activities of guerrillas or revolutionaries.

    as modifier ‘a counter-insurgency force’
    • ‘As a recent Amnesty International report makes clear, ‘The use of paramilitaries continues to be integral to the military's counter-insurgency strategy’.’
    • ‘As long as populations are menaced by banditry, civil war, guerrilla campaigns, and counter-insurgency by beleaguered governments, they cannot be secure.’
    • ‘As long as populations are menaced by banditism, civil war, guerrilla campaigns and counter-insurgency by beleaguered governments, they cannot be safe and secure.’
    • ‘There are quite a few aircraft like this available, and they are used by many third world countries for border patrol and counter-insurgency.’
    • ‘He receives detailed and painstaking instruction about the various phases and types of conflict, such as counter-insurgency warfare.’
    • ‘Much as some may think otherwise, counter-insurgency and its cousin counter-terrorism are old businesses with a lot of history.’
    • ‘His big point is that the US mainly needs counter-insurgency forces and expertise, but instead has ordinary infantry etc.’
    • ‘It has placed U.S. soldiers in a type of guerrilla war that even many counter-insurgency experts consider impossible to win.’
    • ‘Peasant leaders say their communities are still targeted in a counter-insurgency campaign by the military that intimidates poor, mainly indigenous civilians.’
    • ‘The counter-insurgency force has a long list of achievements to its credit.’
    • ‘All counter-insurgency struggles have to be waged at both the military and the political levels.’
    • ‘Some much more subtle and effective form of counter-insurgency strategy is necessary.’
    • ‘However, they are very good at peace-keeping, counter-insurgency and all of that traditional imperial constabulary-type work.’
    • ‘Several years of counter-insurgency drives destroyed the remaining guerrilla bases.’
    • ‘The main missions of the aircraft, in addition to basic and advanced pilot training, are border patrol and counter-insurgency operations.’
    • ‘The US command also announced that it is stepping up counter-insurgency training for newly arrived officers to give them the latest tactics about protecting patrols from such attacks.’
    • ‘Among them will be, without question, a large contingent of CIA and special forces operatives whose specialty is counter-insurgency.’
    • ‘Henceforth, the fight would get really dirty, as all counter-insurgency campaigns inevitably must.’
    • ‘At the same time, British Army doctrine, reflecting many years of patient counter-insurgency operations, had emphasised the need for controlled and accurate fire in the attack.’
    • ‘High technology has given U.S. counter-insurgency tactics a punch they didn't have in Vietnam.’