Meaning of counter lunch in English:

counter lunch


Australian, New Zealand
  • A meal or snack served at the bar of a hotel, originally given free of charge to attract custom.

    ‘enjoy a counter lunch at its convivial front bar’
    • ‘One of the big treats of my Australian childhood was to stop at a country pub for a "counter lunch".’
    • ‘The folks from Background Briefing dropped in for a counter lunch.’
    • ‘You care for a counter lunch at 12?’
    • ‘The women getting the counter lunch section ready for later were, as he leaned forward to peer at the menu, furtively criticising the bar manager's latest appointment to the staff.’
    • ‘As part of the Boulia Camel Races, one hotel west of Winton is serving up a range of camel dishes in addition to the usual counter lunches.’
    • ‘I could do counter lunches with the guests at the Windsor pub, and take the eventual copy next door to the Park Street Office straight after lunch.’
    • ‘With the advent of supermarkets and convenience stores and counter lunches at pubs and clubs, most Greek cafes were forced to transform into take-aways or be relegated into memory or oblivion.’
    • ‘Not only are the tempatations of innumerable evil snacks close handy, there's also the one or two counter lunches a week and additional post work alchoholic beverages.’
    • ‘The hotel will do alright serving counter lunches to office workers.’
    • ‘They said they would stop for a counter lunch on the way down.’