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‘Moreover, as I mentioned above, there are two kinds of brain contusions, one which occurs in the immediate area of the impact, and the other which occurs on the opposite side as a counteraction.’
  • ‘Effects are additive, leading to counteraction if opposing ion types are paired.’
  • ‘And if we will do it, I don't see many reasons why we should continue with counteractions.’
  • ‘It seems that the leadership is not used to petitions and counteractions by a group of people or individuals.’
  • ‘And if you don't do it, then the enemy gets ahead because every time you have an advantage a counteraction is created by your adversary to negate that advantage and the process starts again.’
  • ‘Eventually, the conqueror will reach a ‘culminating point of victory’ at which his successes provoke sufficient counteraction to defeat him.’
  • ‘All such diabolic, yet cowardly actions must be severely condemned, censured and deterred with steeled resolve and equally resolute counteraction.’
  • ‘I have been advised that there is a very real possibility that unless we take effective counteractions, there could be an epidemic of this dangerous disease next fall and winter [here in the United States].’
  • ‘This implies that actions initiated by a particular state usually evoke counteractions only by those states directly threatened by these actions and not others.’
  • ‘As with any fast guy, you need to get to him with fast counteractions.’
  • ‘Second, having issues resolved through the actions or counteractions of provincial governments may also not necessarily produce outcomes consistent with democratic norms or the preferences of the majority of citizens.’
  • ‘This action sets off further actions and counteractions from the soccer league and environmentalists and neighbors of the parks that can be traced to the resolution of the series of events.’
  • ‘When intelligence personnel perform this task well, it supports the commander's use of a myriad of potential friendly actions and counteractions.’
  • ‘Therefore, the drop in pH must be prevented through different active (energy-consuming) counteractions.’
  • ‘These counteractions balance to yield the unique limit curve in the plot of coincidence vs. the genetic distance.’
  • ‘In order to determine what our counteractions might be, we first need to understand what they are thinking.’
  • ‘In counteraction to its own consumption-growth tendencies, new national and grassroots organizations, typically white and middle class, invested their energy in improving standards of public health.’
  • ‘Deterrence is a state of mind brought about by the existence of a credible threat of unacceptable counteraction.’
  • ‘Your record says you've had special training in nuclear counteraction.’