Meaning of counterclockwise in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkaʊntəˈklɒkwʌɪz/

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North American
  • In the opposite direction to the way in which the hands of a clock move round; anticlockwise.

    ‘the photo should be rotated counterclockwise by 90 degrees’
    • ‘They believe it's very hard for one of those counterclockwise storms to turn its way right into this area.’
    • ‘At noon, each guard starts at his own station and begins to walk either clockwise or counterclockwise (to be determined randomly).’
    • ‘We went counterclockwise around the island, along the EU-funded autostrada, to the southwest, through traditional mafia country.’
    • ‘They are then sent to the sea, where the earth's rotation causes the wind to swirl into a low-pressure area in a counterclockwise direction.’
    • ‘So I flipped off the wind-shield, and cranked the little valve-control lever around counterclockwise, and then lit the lighter.’
    • ‘The big fear of course here, as you talked with Max Mayfield, that we are on the strong side of the storm as it moves counterclockwise.’
    • ‘I travelled around the world clockwise, and Rick went counterclockwise, and our paths crossed as often as we could make them.’
    • ‘Don't forget the hurricane moves in a counterclockwise position.’
    • ‘Pilgrims are required to circle the Kaaba seven times, counterclockwise, praying as they go.’
    • ‘They all fire from the left side, the aircraft firing in a in counterclockwise direction the whole time.’
    • ‘The florets form various clockwise and counterclockwise spiral patterns, intertwined and crisscrossing but otherwise unmistakable to the eye.’
    • ‘He made a grab for the driver's steering wheel and, with all his might, spun it the whole way counterclockwise.’
    • ‘It revolved clockwise in some unseen orbit, then counterclockwise, immediately before a loud cracking, like summer thunder, filled the air.’
    • ‘The tapping pattern consisted of touching with the index finger in a counterclockwise direction each of the plates (which were arranged in a square) in turn.’
    • ‘As the thumb clears the ball, the weight of the ball is shifted to the fingers, and the fingers are thrust outward with a quarter-turn counterclockwise into the lane.’
    • ‘When I have my bicycle in a repair stand and turn the cranks counterclockwise the wheel starts going backwards too.’
    • ‘Bring your feet back to the center, then rotate them counterclockwise.’
    • ‘Similar results were obtained for the construction in the counterclockwise orientation.’
    • ‘After a 2-to 3-minute recovery break, the same diagonal run is now performed but counterclockwise.’
    • ‘You do so by backing the barrel adjuster out (rotate it counterclockwise when viewed from the end the housing protrudes from).’


North American
  • (of a direction) opposite to the way in which the hands of a clock move round; anticlockwise.

    • ‘we map out a counterclockwise circle of Ontario’