Meaning of counterexample in English:



  • An example that opposes or contradicts an idea or theory.

    ‘the media presented him as a counterexample to the common stereotypes’
    • ‘As a counterexample, another firm in a similar situation abandoned their original facility consolidation plan.’
    • ‘Its relative accessibility was cited as a positive counter-example by a critic in 1747 when he criticized the Crown for keeping its art treasures behind closed doors.’
    • ‘He did not pursue a career as a poet, and in fact he stands as a great counterexample to the role of the academic poet-in-residence, which some people mistakenly think is synonymous with the poet's lot.’
    • ‘He presents a powerful counterexample to the thesis that networks are structurally fixed.’
    • ‘It is the counter-example to all theories of industrialization and growth.’
    • ‘A tautological statement is one for which we could never conceive of a counter-example.’
    • ‘As is typical in analytic philosophy, he makes his point by means of a counterexample.’
    • ‘I'm sure there's a counter-example out there somewhere, but I can't think of one now.’
    • ‘He briefly introduces the piece he's going to criticize, sets up his problem with the article, and drives it home with a relevant counter-example.’
    • ‘This story serves as a counterexample, and demonstrates the correct way to design a security system.’



/ˈkaʊntərɪɡˌzɑːmp(ə)l/ /ˈkaʊntərɛɡˌzɑːmp(ə)l/