Meaning of counterparty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəˌpɑːti/


  • An opposite party in a contract or financial transaction.

    ‘The purpose is to have mutuality between each member and the clearing house for set-off purposes: otherwise two separate banks contracting with a defaulting counterparty could not set off their individual losses and gains.’
    • ‘Among those financial institutions exposed to Enterprise A are derivatives counterparties whose contracts with the Enterprise have a positive market value.’
    • ‘A client may well wish to discuss advice received with a partner, or with another adviser, or with a contractual counterparty who might be affected.’
    • ‘But we have to take into account the interests of creditors, trading counterparties and contractors in the continued development of restructuring.’
    • ‘The company grew to have contracts with some 8,000 counterparties, in hundreds of business lines ranging from credit insurance to metals trading.’
    • ‘In its much-hyped broadband business, for instance, a capacity glut and financial meltdown made it hard to find creditworthy counterparties for trading.’
    • ‘Negotiating in bad faith, intending to temporise for some purpose or otherwise mislead the counterparty into thinking that the temporiser was intending to reach a settlement, would probably fall within this wording.’
    • ‘The forward is done with one of the top five Russian banks as a counterparty.’
    • ‘However, individual management of credit risks requires relevant and specific knowledge of the counterparty's business and financial status.’
    • ‘In option trading, the firm buying options on behalf of its clients deals with a specialist firm known as a counterparty.’
    • ‘They automatically check counterparties ' credit lines and send information needed for clearing and settlement to back offices.’
    • ‘We make our counterparties put up collateral to guarantee they're going to perform.’
    • ‘The error which these companies seem to make is to assume that customers on average will not respond to a high level of attention to detail and service from counterparties or middlemen in small transactions.’
    • ‘On the Friday before last weekend, bank officials set about trying to identify the counterparties to the foreign exchange contracts.’
    • ‘One gold industry insider said: ‘If producers decide to lock in current prices for their future output, it causes their counterparties to hedge themselves by borrowing extra gold and releasing it into the market.’’
    • ‘Jobbers provided the brokers the counterparties to their principals, offering to sell to their buyer or to buy from their seller the particular security.’
    • ‘Credit risk is the exposure to a counterparty's inability to fulfill the derivative contract.’
    • ‘A market system relies on the vigilance of lenders and investors in market transactions to assure themselves of their counterparties ' strength.’
    • ‘As well as solving problems between sophisticated counterparties, we need to be in the middle of the country's agenda.’
    • ‘For a business that relies on the confidence it instils in counterparties and customers, the damage was already done.’