Meaning of counterproposal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəprəˌpəʊz(ə)l/

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  • An alternative proposal made in response to a previous proposal that is regarded as unacceptable or unsatisfactory.

    ‘the union rejected the airline's counterproposal’
    • ‘No details of the board's settlement offer, or of the union's counter-proposal, have been released.’
    • ‘For no sooner had Blair's vision been laid out in the Commons on Thursday than his own counter-proposals were being set down.’
    • ‘The talks follow the unveiling last Friday of the G20 group of developing countries ' long-awaited counter-proposal on agricultural tariffs.’
    • ‘The third flaw in the protesters ' world view is their lack of a counter proposal.’
    • ‘The House voted down a Democratic counterproposal, which would have cost $585 billion over 10 years.’
    • ‘What he does is make a counterproposal by which Jake will pull a job for The King.’
    • ‘The Russians have presented a counter-proposal which would simply roll over the current oil-for-food program past its June 3 termination date.’
    • ‘A counter-proposal by Pakistan for an international force to be sent to Kashmir was then rejected contemptuously by India.’
    • ‘Their counterproposal should authorise a carefully restricted set of emergency measures for a short period - say three or six months.’
    • ‘Last week, Neal Clunas, president of the employees union, said the union had sent another counter-proposal to management.’
    • ‘Some modernism aficionados argue that the Long Wharf Advocacy Group is too modest in its counterproposal.’
    • ‘They have made a counterproposal to extend that deadline by 45 days.’
    • ‘Arbitration eligible players submitted their salary requests to their respective teams yesterday, and the teams offered their counter proposals.’
    • ‘Thomas said they went to the meeting with high expectations because they felt their counter-proposals were reasonable.’
    • ‘There then followed a period of unsuccessful settlement negotiations with proposals and counter-proposals on both sides.’
    • ‘Three days before the Government's scheme goes before the Senate for a vote, the Opposition has issued a counter-proposal.’
    • ‘But in the end no counter proposal was put on the table.’
    • ‘Studies show that when faced with failure, those who are well-liked turn a negative response into a counterproposal.’
    • ‘Quickly Borofsky and two partners, Steve Mahlum and Dine Zampini, made a counter proposal to purchase the entire farm.’
    • ‘He said the CPO was awaiting a counter proposal and was quite willing to continue discussions with the union.’