Meaning of counterpunch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəpʌn(t)ʃ/

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  • A punch thrown in return for one received.

    ‘Mosley's body punches could leave openings for counterpunches to the head.’
    • ‘Kenneth threw a counterpunch and Malcolm stumbled backwards, giving his cousin time to speak.’
    • ‘Against Toney, Jirov averaged nearly 90 punches a round despite being nailed with some powerful counterpunches.’
    • ‘Secondly, fighters can choose to block incoming blows outright or parry them, providing a split second or two to get in a quick counterpunch.’
    • ‘He came on strong late in the four-round bout, consistently landing counterpunches against the overeager fighter.’


[no object]Boxing
  • Throw a counterpunch.

    ‘Petty counterpunched, regaining the lead’
    • ‘The aggressive Orbillo forced the action and the slick Quarry counterpunched beautifully.’
    • ‘He also counterpunched effectively while landing more shots to the head than almost any competitor so far.’
    • ‘In the third, Khan again extended his lead to four points, counterpunching the counterpuncher to great effect and went into the final round 12-8 in the lead.’
    • ‘Dirrell counterpunched his way to an easy victory in the second fight of the day at Peristeri Olympic Boxing Hall.’
    • ‘With Lieberman peaking late, Weicker did not have a chance to counterpunch.’