Meaning of counterscarp in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəskɑːp/


  • The outer wall of a ditch in a fortification.

    ‘The entry postern, which ran the width of the counterscarp, opened up into the dry ditch.’
    • ‘The castle had recently been rebuilt with ramparts and counterscarps, and its capture cost the Spanish thousands of troops.’
    • ‘The rampart wall was found to be encircled by at least two deep ditches, and possibly three, with counterscarps between tern.’
    • ‘Gates were always specially protected and designed, built as guarded approaches, deafened by earth and water, scarps, counterscarps, moats.’
    • ‘Belfort was fortified by the military architect Vauban, who created an elaborate system of towers, casemates, curtains and counterscarps.’


Late 16th century from French contrescarpe, from Italian controscarpa; compare with scarp.