Meaning of counterstatement in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəˌsteɪtm(ə)nt/


  • A statement asserting that evidence or an accusation is false.

    ‘this proposal prompted a strong counterstatement’
    • ‘I'm sure I could get two-thirds of them to sign a counterstatement.’
    • ‘The applicants neither filed a counterstatement nor a response to the opponent's evidence.’
    • ‘The applicant was then allowed a period of one week to file an amended counterstatement.’
    • ‘Following the filing of opposition and a counterstatement the opponents were allowed until 4 April 1999 for the filing of their evidence.’
    • ‘Both the appeal and the defense counterstatement are expected to come before the high court by Monday at the latest.’
    • ‘This request fell outside the normal arrangements for filing a request to amend a counterstatement and was refused.’
    • ‘The leader of his defense team said that the counterstatement contended that the prosecutors' appeal to the High Court was improper and lacked a legal basis.’
    • ‘However, the counterstatement could be accepted since it did not need to be witnessed or declared.’
    • ‘The registered proprietor stated in his counterstatement that he had started the project.’
    • ‘Moreover, there was no basis for him to exercise discretion to allow the statutory declarations to stand in place of the counterstatements in the proceedings.’
    • ‘Subsequently, counterstatements were filed but the Forms TM8 were missing.’
    • ‘The defense lawyer said he would prepare counterstatements against the charges and ask the court to present Tommy to testify at the next session.’
    • ‘He said this was in the light of the official search report on the application, and maintained the case set out in his counterstatement.’
    • ‘The lawyer appended a counterstatement by Collins himself.’
    denial, refutation, rebuttal, countering, counterstatement, opposite