Meaning of countertransference in English:


Pronunciation /kəʊntəˈtransf(ə)r(ə)ns/


mass nounPsychoanalysis
  • The emotional reaction of the analyst to the subject's contribution.

    ‘In spite of his recognition of transference and counter-transference, Freud continued to maintain that he was a scientist until his death.’
    • ‘Rennie prefers ‘working alliance’ to ‘therapeutic alliance’ because the latter has been used where the focus is on transference and counter-transference.’
    • ‘The main transference and counter-transference, however, was directed back to the couple and their interaction.’
    • ‘It is equally important to explore your own counter-transference in these situations.’
    • ‘Issues of counter-transference may arise, triggering poorly understood but powerful feelings.’