Meaning of counting-out pen in English:

counting-out pen


Australian, New Zealand
  • An enclosure into which shorn or dipped sheep are released to be counted.

    ‘he watched the shorn lamb run into the counting-out pen’
    • ‘Each man passes the sheep shorn by him into his own counting-out pen.’
    • ‘An unshorn sheep had wandered across the board and out through the porthole into his counting-out pen.’
    • ‘I find I can keep up with three shearers satisfactorily if I have another person in the counting-out pen.’
    • ‘He has to make sure that no unbranded animal is in the counting-out pen.’
    • ‘The picker-up's functions are to remove all locks from the shearing board immediately as each sheep is shorn and to sweep the board clean after each sheep has passed to a counting-out pen.’