Significado de counting en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈkaʊntɪŋ/

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  • Taking account of when reaching a total; including.

    ‘there were three of us in the family, or four counting my pet rabbit’
    • ‘the college had 139 employees, not counting those engaged in routine clerical work’
    • ‘Inside there were perhaps five people in total, counting the bartender.’
    • ‘It came down to four people, five counting Chris.’
    • ‘The MCC tourists, counting Pataudi, included six men who had or would captain their country.’
    • ‘Actually, we have only four chairs, counting the piano bench.’
    • ‘There were also four big detachments counting 100-150 fighters each.’
    • ‘A triangular pyramid, or tetrahedron, has a triangular base and four faces, counting the bottom.’
    • ‘But how many has the President lost now, counting these four and everyone who left last term?’
    • ‘The males can weigh up to 300 pounds, and their length can reach six feet, without even counting a nearly three-foot-long tail.’
    • ‘There was a grand total of three knights in the entire city - counting Balian.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, at £175 the Elvis trilby added up to more than my current choices can support even counting a minutely considered VAT exemption.’
    • ‘Counting those attending worship in the Spanish and Korean congregations, there were about 500 people worshiping God in the building on any Sunday.’
    • ‘There are approximately 132 million individual taxpayers in the US (not counting those who pay no taxes or get a refund, just those who pay add revenue to the government).’
    which include, which includes, inclusive of, counting