Meaning of country club in English:

country club

Pronunciation /ˈkʌntrɪ ˌklʌb/

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  • A club with sporting and social facilities, set in a rural area.

    ‘He belonged to a luncheon club and a country club, and he wangled invitations to play golf at Augusta and Cypress Point.’
    • ‘I also liked the fact that there was always some club in town that was a blues club or a country club or a jazz club or whatever.’
    • ‘But the atmosphere is something between a scout camp and a country club without snobbery.’
    • ‘So, here I am, then, at a country club in Buckinghamshire, awaiting the arrival of the England front row.’
    • ‘The look of a deserted country club swimming pool at two o'clock in the morning.’
    • ‘They were as oblivious of the country club crowd as the club was of them.’
    • ‘Instead, it came back from the country club, driving slowly past the gate.’
    • ‘We'll sound like snobs if we say the country club and if we say our club we'll sound like I-don't knows!’
    • ‘Forget a membership at a local country club; he'll play a decent course away from the crowded public ones.’
    • ‘Later, your father's going to play golf at the country club and I'm going to take Camille shopping.’
    • ‘He wasn't good at football, couldn't afford Polo shirts, and didn't belong to a country club.’
    • ‘The next morning, another set was delivered and an invitation to play at the country club.’
    • ‘The city could boast of a country club, an opera house, a huge post office, and many other fine buildings.’
    • ‘She finds herself in the ballroom of the country club, in a dazzling yellow dress with long gloves.’
    • ‘If you catch someone cheating in a home game or at the country club, what would you do anyway?’
    • ‘A murder inquiry was under way today into the death of a timeshare salesman who was killed after spending the evening at a country club.’
    • ‘It's a health and leisure product - almost like a country club - that you can join.’
    • ‘My husband and I attended a family wedding held at a Jewish country club.’
    • ‘Then came a break of almost four weeks which saw Rebecca work as a valet at a country club to earn cash and the opportunity to practice for the next session.’
    • ‘I sat with him at dinner in his beautiful country club down in Palm Beach.’