Meaning of county borough in English:

county borough


  • (in Wales and formerly in England and Northern Ireland) a town having the administrative status of a county.

    ‘There is provision in the Planning and Development Act 2000 for the making of a single development plan for the area and the environs of a county borough.’
    • ‘My county borough may start charging for music lessons.’
    • ‘It became a county borough in 1889, was designated a city in 1905, and slowly acquired a new role as the Welsh metropolis.’
    • ‘This site and Pelletstown, near Finglas, represent the final undeveloped land in the county borough.’
    • ‘But the Minister must also pro-vide the necessary money to the Council to upgrade the Airport Road as far as the county borough boundary.’
    • ‘But the old county borough area represents only 60 per cent of the current borough's population.’
    • ‘In its case to the inspector the county borough council stated its primary purpose in seeking the orders was the regeneration of the former colliery site as a business park.’
    • ‘They could well lose seats at the county borough council elections.’
    • ‘At the end of the 18th century, when Britain was preparing for an expected French invasion of Ireland, each county and county borough was asked to provide a certain number of men for defensive militias.’
    • ‘The marcher lordships were shired, English laws and county administration were extended to Wales, and the shires and county boroughs were required to send 24 MPs to Parliament at Westminster.’
    • ‘The counties of Lancashire and Cheshire were to lose all powers and control in the new administrative area, and county boroughs such as Manchester were to cease to exist.’
    • ‘In 1958, a local government act was passed appointing the local government commission to determine the boundaries of counties and county boroughs.’
    • ‘The county boroughs of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford had their title changed from ‘corporation’ to ‘city council’ under the Local Government Act 2001.’
    • ‘I fully endorse the comments made by the Panel and I would urge the various county boroughs to pay particular attention to this when promoting the scheme.’
    • ‘Over 600 athletes from the 10 county boroughs converged on Leigh for the highly competitive events which saw hundreds of spectators lining the course.’
    capital, capital city, chief town, provincial capital, regional capital, state capital, county town, county borough, administrative centre