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county cricket

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mass noun
  • First-class cricket played in the UK between the eighteen professional teams contesting the County Championship.

    ‘To yesterday's cricketers county cricket was a big thing, securing a contract was itself a colossal triumph.’
    • ‘Though he recently broke a bone in his left hand while playing county cricket for Hampshire, he has been passed fit to play.’
    • ‘The other side of the coin is that three of that team are no longer playing county cricket.’
    • ‘The bowlers have certainly used their time in county cricket to good effect.’
    • ‘The self-doubt carried over into county cricket.’
    • ‘‘I'm excited by the opportunity of playing county cricket again,’ he said.’
    • ‘As Australia's first choices prepared for the Ashes in various nets around the world, it was a more subdued week of county cricket for the Down Under performers.’
    • ‘Overseas players almost invariably do well in county cricket but the most successful are those whose influence goes beyond the weight of their performance.’
    • ‘They realised his potential value in England, where he played two seasons of county cricket for Kent, and swiftly recalled him into the training squad.’
    • ‘England's attitude towards county cricket has improved immeasurably since those unhealthy days, but the principle remains the same.’
    • ‘My time in county cricket has been useful as well.’
    • ‘What do you think of the standard of county cricket?’
    • ‘‘I think it would a great opportunity for us if we came and played county cricket,’ he said.’
    • ‘And yet, that experience has not dented his enthusiasm for county cricket.’
    • ‘Aside from the building site, watching county cricket in this oasis from urban noise is a tranquil experience.’
    • ‘One is that a large paying audience exists for county cricket, just so long as the hours of play are designed for people who have a life.’
    • ‘I have never played county cricket before, so it is quite a big challenge.’
    • ‘A few good scores would increase my confidence and I might even get a chance to play county cricket in the future.’
    • ‘As for county cricket, show me a player who doesn't want to play in England?’
    • ‘He has since recovered and is currently playing county cricket for Middlesex.’