Meaning of coupla in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌplə/


  • Couple of.

    • ‘this is going to cost you a coupla quid’
    • ‘I won't be online much for the next coupla days’
    • ‘Maybe the Giants should get a coupla top prospects.’
    • ‘The fixtures weren't fair to us a coupla months ago, hence our inability to drop our best players.’
    • ‘Now anyone with a coupla grand and enough ambition can produce useless plastic junk that will end up in a landfill.’
    • ‘I have been a member of a coupla romance websites for a while, and have been on the receiving end of several offers of the Big Love.’
    • ‘I've played there a coupla times, but don't know it intimately.’
    • ‘I'd had a coupla drinks and the law got me.’
    • ‘I say he'll be out of baseball in a coupla years.’
    • ‘It's been a whole coupla seasons since I've played a show in my hometown.’
    • ‘Roll them into a bun smeared with mayo, brown mustard, chopped onions and a coupla okra pickles.’
    • ‘Can I crash for a coupla hours?’
    • ‘Time for those boys to go grab a few burgers and grow a coupla inches and pack on a few pounds!’


Early 20th century alteration.