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Pronunciation /ˈkʌplə/

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  • 1A thing that connects two things, especially mechanical components or systems.

    ‘a hydraulic coupler’
    • ‘This dramatically reduces the materials needed, since it's easier to bend bars than to use mechanical couplers or splicing-in short bent sections that waste material.’
    • ‘Hydraulic quick couplers can save time when switching attachments.’
    • ‘It is perfect for storing paper towels to use to clean up hands or to wipe the dirt and grime from hydraulic couplers.’
    • ‘So we designed a bucket where the coupler hinges were located high on the bucket.’
    • ‘In railroad terms, humping refers to connecting railroad cars together by opening the couplers and sending them down a little hill, at the bottom of which is a partly-assembled train.’
    • ‘Ask your local dealers about the availability of a universal coupler; its name describes it well.’
    • ‘An external seal is affixed to an opposite end of the first coupler member and affixed to an exterior surface of the first duct.’
    • ‘A user-controlled shutter system determined which laser was directed at the coupler.’
    • ‘The masonry units require steel post tension rods, anchor bolts, steel plates, and couplers for installation.’
    • ‘In another design innovation, manufacturers offer a coupler feature on some machines, which allows operators to change attachments, often without leaving the cab.’
    • ‘This coupler features five bolts - three on the larger-diameter side and two on the smaller-diameter side.’
    • ‘I never took the coupler out of my bag and, for the first time since 1992, went a week without picking up my email.’
    • ‘Instead, connectivity between the bricks is accomplished using a capacitive coupler.’
    • ‘It is now thought by the railways to be adequately done with electronic devices connected to the last coupler.’
    • ‘With the quick coupler, for instance, you can disconnect a bucket and use the lifting eye on the coupler as a hoisting device.’
    • ‘There's no sound now but for train wheels and couplers.’
    • ‘The quick connect couplers make it fast and simple to change tools.’
    • ‘With such a coupler you can be confident that buying a new machine will not obsolete your old attachments.’
    • ‘The radiation shield was completed except for the electron coupler wires.’
    • ‘The coupler and safety chains should be checked for disrepair.’
    join, junction, juncture, intersection, link, linkage, connection, nexus
    1. 1.1Music A device in an organ for connecting two manuals, or a manual with pedals, so that they both sound when only one is played.
      • ‘A coupler allows the lower manual to pluck all three registers.’
      fastener, clasp, hasp, catch, pin, hook, buckle, lock, coupler, link
    2. 1.2Music A device in an organ for connecting notes with their octaves above or below.
      ‘Its principals, mixtures, reeds, and octave couplers could deliver enough power to wake the dead.’
      • ‘According to the invention, an octave coupler effect is achieved by carrying out the following formula.’
      • ‘Two additional octave couplers support the swell organ so that the tonal resources can be used to full advantage.’
      • ‘Salicional, viole, and octave coupler produce a satisfactory string chorus which is yet not so vivid as to be inconsistent with the genius of the Willis organ.’
      • ‘This alone allows great nuances in color and dynamics. 32’ and 16’ ranks, reeds and octave couplers add to the foundation and expressional qualities of the organ.’
    3. 1.3Photography A compound in a developer or an emulsion which combines with the products of development to form an insoluble dye, part of the image.
      ‘It is a silver halide photographic material containing a magenta coupler and a compound that can break the aggregation of an azomethine dye.’
      • ‘It is among his choices for an exhibition of chromogenic dye coupler prints that speaks of the alienation and introspection of travel.’
    4. 1.4A modem which converts digital signals from a computer into audible sound signals and vice versa, so that the former can be transmitted and received over phone lines.
      ‘This switching matrix has input ports, output ports and a passive optical core consisting of optical couplers.’
      • ‘They also had an early 300-baud modem, replete with the coupler into which you had to put the phone receiver.’
      • ‘You place the coupler like a mirror image against a telephone handset, strap it in place, plug the other end into your modem and dial.’