Meaning of couply in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌpəli/


(also coupley)
informal, often derogatory
  • Relating to or characteristic of a couple in a romantic or sexual relationship, especially when the relationship is regarded as particularly intimate or socially exclusive.

    • ‘they're out in the country having a lovely boozy time with other couply friends’
    • ‘I turned on my computer to find the entire internet littered with red roses and sloppy, coupley mush.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the whole couply thing just works and it's great.’
    • ‘Rushing for mass and microwave dinners before heading out to a pub in Waterloo for what was an enjoyable but rather couply evening.’
    • ‘I was positioning them all couply when there was a knock at my door.’
    • ‘We weren't very coupley in public, and so I'm going back six or seven years to when I was with The Ex.’
    • ‘And how long it'll be until we start showing signs of becoming one of those hideously coupley… couples.’
    • ‘Like, we still go out and get drunk or sometimes stoned or high and go to cool places until closing, and not get all stodgy and coupley.’
    • ‘He's not into the couply dressing in pairs stuff.’
    • ‘Being across the table acknowledges each person's independence, while being on the same side makes it seem sorta like you want to merge or blur into one blobby couply entity.’
    • ‘Everywhere I went I saw couples, and I felt like a loser with a big red ‘reject’ sign stamped on my forehead, surrounded by happy, coupley people.’
    • ‘Detachment, attachment - it all sounds so coupley and normal.’
    • ‘We'd spend lots of time together doing coupley things and then he moved 5 hours away.’