Meaning of courbette in English:


Pronunciation /kʊəˈbɛt/


  • (in classical riding) a movement in which the horse performs a series of jumps on the hind legs without the forelegs touching the ground.

    ‘Not knowing a pesade from a pirouette or a courbette from a capriole, I was seduced by the riders’ dashing livery of black boots, white tights, brown dress coat and gilded bicorn hat.’
    • ‘They then graduate to the ‘aerial exercises’, with pesades, levades, courbettes and caprioles.’
    • ‘In different occasions they had shows where the horses performed courbettes on a volte or in a cross, capriols were performed and many more complicated movements were involved.’
    • ‘The horses performed caprioles, courbettes, and levades in hand.’
    • ‘He has gone from being at death's door to doing courbettes out in the pasture!’


Mid 17th century French, from Italian corvetta ‘little curve’, based on Latin curvus ‘curved’.