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  • The immature fruit of a vegetable marrow, in particular one of a variety developed for harvesting and eating at an early stage of growth.

    North American term zucchini

    mass noun ‘slices of courgette’
    • ‘It did look quite appetising - a mountain of rice with fresh vegetables, courgettes, peppers, onions and peas, blended together by a tomato sauce.’
    • ‘Otherwise known as bell peppers, capsicum and pimento, sweet peppers are natural partners to Provençal vegetables such as courgettes, aubergine and tomatoes.’
    • ‘The sauce can also be served on top of baked potatoes, hot pasta or vegetables such as courgettes or green beans.’
    • ‘There will be plenty of room for other, less disease-prone vegetables; courgettes, parsnips, beetroot, spinach and runner beans will all be on the menu for this year I hope.’
    • ‘I also grow a successful variety of vegetables including Jerusalem artichokes, courgettes, beans and pumpkins.’
    • ‘Other choices include heavy cropping small tomatoes that don't need pinching out, dwarf beans, leeks, courgettes, spring onions, shallots, garlic and radishes.’
    • ‘Even the chargrilled vegetables - which included courgettes, aubergines and sweet peppers - were excellent.’
    • ‘This is a lovely way of doing a variety of fried vegetables, like aubergines, courgettes, pumpkin, spinach and squash.’
    • ‘You may add anything you wish from the garden to the egg mixture - sautéed peppers, mushrooms, courgettes or wilted chard are particularly delicious.’
    • ‘I can see the physical pain it causes him when I'm slicing courgettes to the wrong thickness, or frying onions too fast.’
    • ‘It came with seasonal vegetables including cauliflower, carrots, new potatoes and sliced courgettes.’
    • ‘Add the courgettes, tomatoes, garlic, thyme leaves, sea salt and pepper and cook gently for 20 minutes until soft and tender, tossing often.’
    • ‘Instead of aubergine, you could use sections of baby leeks, red or green peppers, courgettes or fresh mushrooms.’
    • ‘Slice courgettes lengthwise, cut sweet red peppers in half, thickly slice aubergine, brush with olive oil and grill on both sides until well marked.’
    • ‘Slice the courgette and aubergine lengthwise and cut the peppers in four, discarding the core and seeds.’
    • ‘Peel and chop the garlic and stir into the onions with the courgettes.’
    • ‘Other specialist bags have been developed especially for salads and vegetables including even marrows and courgettes.’
    • ‘The vegetable filling is very good, this week being courgettes and sweet potato amongst others.’
    • ‘Yet on the rare occasion I lower potatoes, sliced courgettes or their golden flowers or even just a banana into deep groundnut oil I wonder why I don't cook this way more often.’
    • ‘Our dishes arrived with a generous supply of potatoes, mange tout, and courgettes in a tomato dressing.’



/kɔːˈʒɛt/ /kʊəˈʒɛt/


1930s from French, diminutive of courge ‘gourd’, from Latin cucurbita.