Meaning of course of action in English:

course of action


See course

see course (sense 1 of the noun)
‘The prospect of ministers sharing in the financial pain may help the Tories sell such a course of action.’
  • ‘The hospital was waiting for tests to reveal the cause of the illness, allowing doctors to then determine the best course of action.’
  • ‘The only course of action is to persuade him to resign or to hold a primary.’
  • ‘The suggested course of action makes no sense, constitutionally, politically or practically.’
  • ‘With any course of action there is a desired or anticipated outcome.’
  • ‘Every course of action we evaluated had multiple ramifications.’
  • ‘Upon receiving this assessment the parties can decide what their respective future course of action will be.’
  • ‘His doctor can think of no other course of action at the moment.’
  • ‘Admittedly this is an unusual course of action for a federal agency.’
  • ‘Both courses of action further reduce the ability of the state to command the sort of revenue stream it previously enjoyed.’