Meaning of coursing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːsɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The sport of hunting game animals such as hares with greyhounds using sight rather than scent.

    with modifier ‘hare coursing’
    • ‘coursing grounds’
    • ‘Last Thursday's ban on the barbaric sports of hunting and coursing with dogs is a great and long overdue advance for animal welfare.’
    • ‘The State continues to tolerate the barbaric treatment of timid animals in live hare coursing which was recently outlawed in the North.’
    • ‘Hare coursing is just the same and as greyhound racing has proved there is a way out of killing the animals.’
    • ‘He is a passionate and eloquent defender of field sports and his argument that hare coursing and bullfighting are both in the general interest of the species is persuasive.’
    • ‘Under the alleged deal, hare coursing would be banned but fox-hunting allowed under licence if a regulatory body was satisfied that the activity was needed to control vermin and was not cruel.’
    • ‘But what they fail or seemingly don t want to take on board is the fact that hare coursing is an inherently and intrinsically cruel sport.’
    • ‘The use of faster dogs such as lurchers as in hare coursing would greatly reduce the suffering.’
    • ‘The launch was held at a press conference at which graphic footage of foxhunting, staghunting and hare coursing was also released.’
    • ‘They could have been stolen to order to be used in hare coursing which is illegal but remains a popular pursuit in the south west or to run at unlicensed tracks.’
    • ‘The official opening will be before the finals on Sunday next and the club is inviting coursing and sporting enthusiasts to see the facility.’
    • ‘Hare coursing is finished, this will be the last one.’
    • ‘Hare coursing is also caught up in the legislation, despite the fact that the proponents could not, when questioned, tell the difference between hares and rabbits.’
    • ‘Hare coursing is outlawed in Britain and in Northern Ireland a ban is in place preventing the taking of hares from the wild.’
    • ‘Hare coursing is a complete anathema in a civilised society.’
    • ‘And as a hare protection measure banning coursing will be counter-productive.’
    • ‘Shooting sessions were held in the autumn and also the low levels of culling coursing during the bulk of the year, that again causes hare populations to decline.’
    • ‘Stag hunting with hounds and hare coursing are not necessary.’
    • ‘In Australia and the USA, where the use of live hares is banned, drag coursing is very successful.’
    • ‘The coursing over the two days was excellent with hares that were too good for their pursuers.’
    • ‘He was a man of many hobbies which included, hunting, fowling and both track and coursing.’