Meaning of court of summary jurisdiction in English:

court of summary jurisdiction


  • A court, especially a magistrate's court, that tries summary offences without a jury.

    ‘In fact the undertakers brought proceedings in the High Court, which was not a court of summary jurisdiction.’
    • ‘Then statutes, and particularly the Customs Procedure Act, started to give jurisdiction to courts of summary jurisdiction which rather indicates it was more a criminal-type proceeding.’
    • ‘A decision of a court of summary jurisdiction discharging a complaint or information has never been regarded with the same sanctity as the verdict of a jury.’
    • ‘Section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871 says that any court of summary jurisdiction may take cognisance of a complaint that a dog is dangerous and not kept under proper control.’
    • ‘When they make their decisions in courts of summary jurisdiction they are deciding firstly on the law and secondly on the facts.’