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court shoe


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  • A woman's plain, lightweight shoe that has a low-cut upper, no fastening, and typically a medium heel.

    ‘We were made to design a court shoe, very simple rounded front slip-ons cut from one piece of leather.’
    • ‘Be bold and brash in your grunge gear with loop earrings and big bangles or add chic to your feet by returning to the simple pointed court shoe or stiletto.’
    • ‘Just take Chanel's legendary court shoe… it's the only accessory that has maintained its place on the fashion scene in the last hundred years!’
    • ‘Team the skirt with a classic pair of court shoes or stiletto heels.’
    • ‘Accessories include hats, bags, a parasol, a fox fur and, shoes, including gold court shoes with diamanté buckles dating from 1900.’
    • ‘Had to buy a pair of shoes though, as the proper flat court shoes I wore to match my work suit did not quite go with the dress-down order of the day of shorts and bikini top.’
    • ‘On her feet are black patent leather court shoes with clean soles.’
    • ‘A Miss-Jean-Brodie, in a prim sweater and 50s style skirt (a non-flamboyant one - not tight, not too flared, mid-calf, grey), black tights and court shoes.’
    • ‘Like court shoes that have nothing to hold the foot back, they strain the feet by forcing toes to slide forward and ‘claw’ on to the shoe.’
    • ‘During the next decade, it became a fashion staple, perfect with circle skirts, gloves and vertiginous court shoes.’
    • ‘As this is a formal session, you are only allowed to wear court shoes.’
    • ‘Black opaque tights, three-inch court shoes and a quilted Chanel bag complete the look.’
    • ‘So if you have an old fur piece kicking about, pop it on over a tweed skirt teamed with ribbed tights and court shoes.’
    • ‘‘You'd best put on those court shoes I got you, or you'll be a midget,’ Jenny said, slipping on her stiletto boots.’
    • ‘I wore a red dress that zipped up the front, tan pantyhose, and white court shoes.’
    • ‘And to cap it all, failure to wear a navy skirt, a ‘nice’ cream blouse and little court shoes has sealed my fate!’
    • ‘She pouted, writhing in her bloating dress as the maids stuffed her feet into the black polished court shoes.’
    • ‘Wearing a knee-length black skirt, white blouse and court shoes made me look like a lawyer myself.’