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‘The occasional courtliness of his manner has produced many forgettable poems, but he has no nostalgia for or tolerance of the disastrous grand narratives of the masters of Modernism.’
  • ‘The Italian greets me with great courtliness: first relieving me of my burdens, then bowing gracefully, his lips remaining just a hair's breadth above my extended hand.’
  • ‘I bet it also gave him an air of courtliness that helped him get people to talk - the kind he wanted to hear.’
  • ‘Within this improbable framework, the poet has incorporated a discussion of courtliness and love which is not without sophistication.’
  • ‘Analects passages such as these made Confucius the model of courtliness and personal decorum for countless generations of Chinese officials.’
  • ‘And courtliness certainly involved making a good impression on one's audience, as courtesy still does today.’
  • ‘Such ferocious good cheer and courtliness prevails that you may find yourself expecting someone to click his heels.’
  • ‘His diligence and his attention - his courtliness too - all seem out of another era.’