Meaning of couthy in English:


(also couthie)

Pronunciation /ˈkuːθi/


  • 1Scottish (of a person) warm and friendly.

    ‘It's certainly a different take on these couthie characters who are rooted in the past.’
    • ‘But, all things being equal, there are many Scots she has now met, representing the couthie, cheerful face of modern Scotland, whom she wouldn't mind introducing to Washington.’
    • ‘The night was wearing on and the nation's most powerful politicians and their supporters were chewing on cigars, sipping brandy and enjoying a stream of couthy jokes.’
    • ‘It's probably down to the congenital disregard for all things famous and the physical inability to so much as blink at the sight of a superstar that lurks deep in the couthy souls of the local folk.’
    • ‘As couthy Annabel might have phrased it: there is always someone worse off than yourself.’
    enjoyable, pleasing, pleasurable, nice, agreeable, satisfying, gratifying, welcome, good, acceptable, to one's liking
    friendly, agreeable, amiable, affable, nice, genial, likeable, amicable, lovely, good-humoured, personable, congenial, hospitable, approachable, good-natured, companionable
    1. 1.1(of a place) cosy and comfortable.
      ‘a couthy wee tavern’
      • ‘His party was held at a large but couthy city centre hotel in Stirling.’


Early 18th century apparently from Old English cūth ‘known’ + -y (also -ie).