Meaning of covariance in English:


Pronunciation /kəʊˈvɛːrɪəns/


  • 1Mathematics
    mass noun The property of a function of retaining its form when the variables are linearly transformed.

    ‘The matrix formulation of the model produces an estimate that can be easily transformed into genetic covariance and correlations.’
    • ‘If this occurs frequently, then MA experiments will be practically useless for studying any properties of mutational covariance.’
    • ‘Contour plots of genetic covariance functions fitted by the character process model.’
    • ‘These different models for covariance function with some modifications can be incorporated into our mapping strategy.’
    • ‘Note that the simulated covariance function was not generated from a polynomial.’
  • 2Statistics
    The mean value of the product of the deviations of two variates from their respective means.

    ‘Statistically significant covariances among random intercepts, rates of change, and effects of depressed mood and delinquency variety are reported in the text only.’
    • ‘The demographic variances and covariances of the elements are inversely proportional to the total population size.’
    • ‘The direct estimation approach does well in estimating the overall covariance function: on average, the covariances are estimated with an error of 15%.’
    • ‘The most common measure of variability is variance and the corresponding measure of correlation between two variables is covariance.’
    • ‘Logistic regression was used instead of univariate chi-squares so that covariance among the variables would be taken into account in the analyses.’