Meaning of cover band in English:

cover band


(also British covers band)
  • A band whose repertoire consists of versions of songs by other artists rather than original material.

    ‘she's started singing in a covers band’
    • ‘a Led Zeppelin cover band’
    • ‘They're really just a cover band, rendering their own versions of traditional songs.’
    • ‘I didn't have a job until I was older because I played in weekend bands and in Stones cover bands.’
    • ‘We were essentially a cover band, though you wouldn't necessarily recognize what we were covering.’
    • ‘We wanted to do a show here in Lexington, Kentucky this past Halloween but the local club opted for a Pink Floyd "The Wall" cover band.’
    • ‘After the first chorus, you feel as if you are listening to a glam cover band trying to get their van unstuck from a pool of molasses.’
    • ‘Of course many rock aficionados don't take covers bands seriously.’
    • ‘"Small towns are about tribute bands and cover bands because we rarely got to see headliners," Guidoccio continues.’
    • ‘The line-up consists of Sixties covers bands and folk singers, and by the end of the weekend I never want to hear 'Born to be Wild' again.’
    • ‘We are all in different cover bands ranging from classic rock to 80's new wave.’
    • ‘Originally we were going to be a Ramones cover band.’