Meaning of cover crop in English:

cover crop


  • A crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil.

    ‘When used as a winter cover crop or a green manure crop, it should be seeded in early September.’
    • ‘Originally these plants were meant to serve only as a cover crop, enriching the soil with nitrogen and biomass.’
    • ‘The next crop planted after the cover crop can use this readily available nitrogen.’
    • ‘The cover crop can be plowed under the next spring to increase soil organic matter content before planting asparagus.’
    • ‘This could be an opportune time to grow a winter cover crop if there are economic or environmental reasons to do so.’
    • ‘Growing a cover crop would suck up so much precious moisture that it would put him in the red.’
    • ‘Whenever you are not growing a food crop, sow a cover crop so the carbohydrate pipeline isn't shut off.’
    • ‘The trick will be to match the cover crop and its timing to the cash crop.’
    • ‘He says that when cotton is planted after a legume cover crop, less nitrogen fertilizer is needed.’
    • ‘After the row crops, it's back into winter grains or a cover crop.’
    • ‘The first question to consider is whether sufficient soil moisture is available for planting and sustaining a cover crop.’
    • ‘Adjusting soil pH and fertility levels according to soil test results will speed establishment of the cover crop.’
    • ‘Oats are the preferred cover crop, and are harvested for grain and well as for compost-making.’
    • ‘The roots of the cover crop bind the soil and resist the flowing water.’
    • ‘Porter hoped to devise a system for both organic and conventional farmers to use as a cover crop.’
    • ‘He plants winter wheat shortly after potato harvest, and uses peas as a late-season cover crop when not planting wheat.’
    • ‘One of our goals in using the new planter was to pull the cover crop back over the planted row after the seed was planted.’
    • ‘We hope to detect any cumulative effects of the cover crop's continued use.’
    • ‘Read especially likes plow-down clover as a cover crop.’
    • ‘Have you calculated the necessary down-pressure on each blade necessary to crush the stems of a rye cover crop?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, a vigorous cover crop can pose problems later on when the baby greens are harvested.’