Meaning of cover glass in English:

cover glass


another term for coverslip
‘Before the experiment, beads were added to the monolayer grown on the cover glass and allowed to bind to the cell surfaces.’
  • ‘Chromosomes were stained with aceto-orcein under a cover glass with brief heating over an alcohol lamp.’
  • ‘The measuring chamber consists of a copper block serving as a holder for the cover glass with the adherent cells.’
  • ‘A cover glass was gently placed at 4°C for 5 min to allow gel solidification.’
  • ‘The slides were sealed with a cover glass by means of a xylene-free mountant.’
  • ‘Roots were arranged in a zig-zag pattern on the microscope slides and were covered by a large cover glass.’
  • ‘At the start of an experiment, fluorescently labeled cells suspended in serum-free media were added to the cover glass.’
  • ‘We observed that in glycerol the heating effect increased when the bead was trapped further away from the cover glass.’
  • ‘We held the cover glass in place with small spots of vacuum grease and then added 3 mL external buffer.’
  • ‘ECM-coated cover glass was placed on a motorized sample holder so that the cover glass was suspended above the prism.’
  • ‘Myofibrils were isolated by using fine needles to disaggregate specimens on a cover glass in a drop of rigor solution.’
  • ‘The cover glass was removed after freezing, and the spread was dehydrated in an ethanol series and air dried.’
  • ‘This dry film was carefully separated and placed in a micro slide covered with a cover glass.’
  • ‘Antigen-retrieval solutions were then added and cover glasses were put in place, avoiding air bubble formation.’
  • ‘I can see him clamp it between two cover glasses, place it in the microscope and show me how it was made.’