Meaning of cover one's tracks in English:

cover one's tracks


  • Conceal evidence of one's activities.

    ‘he covered his tracks so well no one has ever been able to prove anything’
    • ‘Through a gruelling trial Gill lied and attempted to cover his tracks despite the evidence stacked against him.’
    • ‘Harrison, with Ashbury's help, manufactures evidence in hopes of covering his tracks.’
    • ‘Belle had to find an out of the way place to hide, covering her tracks along the way.’
    • ‘You may think that you can cover your tracks and hide what you've been doing.’
    • ‘As Glass resorts to desperate measures in an attempt to cover his tracks, he simply digs himself even deeper into a hole.’
    • ‘Since this is an artist who defiantly covers his tracks, this book will come as a revelation to many.’
    • ‘He covers his tracks well, and he is always very vague about what he does for a living.’
    • ‘The officials covered their tracks by using computer passwords of their unsuspecting colleagues.’
    • ‘He covered his tracks with such wonderful skill that we still don't know for sure what he did and where he was at any one time.’
    • ‘Derek was a career criminal who planned his moves meticulously and covered his tracks.’