Meaning of cover point in English:

cover point


  • 1Cricket
    A fielding position a little in front of the batsman on the off side and halfway to the boundary.

    ‘Hobbs was also a brilliant fielder at cover point.’
    • ‘He was a courageous and hard-hitting batsman, a brilliant fielder at cover point, and an inspirational captain.’
    • ‘The partnership was finally broken by a underhand throw from Hanif at cover point, disturbing the wickets from side-on.’
    • ‘At cover point we have Neil Harvey, swift of foot and with a marvellous throwing arm.’
    • ‘Then it had been run-outs, two direct hits from cover point.’
    1. 1.1A fielder at cover point.
      ‘I lived just a sharp cover point's throw away from his house.’
      • ‘A bookshelf can also serve as a backstop or a cover point.’
      • ‘He also was a good cover point whom ran out Don Bradman in Melbourne in 1928/29.’