Meaning of cover the waterfront in English:

cover the waterfront


informal North American
  • Cover every aspect of something.

    • ‘while half the dishes are Italian, the kitchen covers the waterfront from Greece to Morocco’
    • ‘The influence of cable news is - it covers the waterfront.’
    • ‘I plead guilty to the charge that a short essay did not cover the waterfront.’
    • ‘A former correspondent and editor covers the waterfront of problems that afflict higher education.’
    • ‘The Next Directory is huge and covers the waterfront in categories of clothing for women, men and children.’
    • ‘The book contains 500 poems from American and British poets, covering the waterfront from T.S. Eliot to Maya Angelou.’
    • ‘A symposium will seek to cover the waterfront of issues that bear upon modern Tamil drama.’
    • ‘Here are three techniques that cover the waterfront from easy to expert.’
    • ‘The study suggested that generalist firms - which try to cover the waterfront with a range of retail and institutional products - may struggle to stay afloat.’
    • ‘We need to and can cover the waterfront without being ghettoized.’
    • ‘A college president has to cover the waterfront, not just one discipline.’