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Pronunciation /ˈkʌv(ə)rɪdʒ/

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mass noun
  • 1The extent to which something deals with something else.

    ‘the grammar did not offer total coverage of the language’
    • ‘That level of coverage should just about deal with most parts of the UK that matter.’
    • ‘I do feel that they are getting a bad deal in terms of coverage and I was glad that I was able to do a little bit to put that right.’
    • ‘It offers detailed coverage of the C language, including 90 varied program examples.’
    • ‘Since there were 2 of them, they offered more extensive coverage.’
    • ‘It is the degree and extent of its coverage of a part of a building which translates a mere fixing into a fitting.’
    • ‘This informative and entertaining site offers thorough coverage of Long Island birding, birders, and birds.’
    • ‘Those of us who are just catching up on current technology will marvel at the extent of coverage on this release.’
    • ‘The course outline sketched below is not about total coverage and does not yet offer a fixed syllabus.’
    • ‘Total election coverage is planned around this fine, fine site I run later tonight.’
    • ‘Others are entirely unable to function, because of a total lack of coverage.’
    • ‘Its coverage reflected the extent and depth of its roots in the working class.’
    • ‘By the way, anyone who needs total coverage of this ought to read Griffiths.’
    • ‘Naval historians would do well to familiarize themselves with his style of narrative, his comprehensive coverage, and scope of research.’
    • ‘In fact, Croft references the above books in his, giving them praise for their comprehensive coverage of the mountain range.’
    • ‘A joint statement said the agreement will be comprehensive in scope and coverage.’
    • ‘On the other issues the authors diverge sharply on the extent of coverage.’
    • ‘The next chapter gives excellent coverage of biosafety issues such as allergens and gene flow with considerable literature references.’
    • ‘Various processes may have contributed to the apparent drop in the coverage given to parapsychology.’
    • ‘I leave other readers to comment on the amount of space and coverage given.’
    • ‘Coverage of these topics is currently, for the most part, inadequate.’
    1. 1.1The treatment of an issue by the media.
      ‘the programme won an award for its news coverage’
      • ‘I agree that media coverage of the issue too often has been laden with generalizations, hyperbole and sensational images.’
      • ‘On the other hand, maybe these sessions were merely held to procure media coverage for the issue, in order to affect the election.’
      • ‘Media coverage of hot-button issues usually skirts this aspect of them.’
      • ‘On specific issues, media coverage does often have a decisive effect.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that we have had wall-to-wall saturation media coverage of this war.’
      • ‘Jennie Bond will be providing television news coverage of the events.’
      • ‘A second false report that received extensive news coverage was a story that generated not hope but fear.’
      • ‘Logistically, providing live television coverage of the event will be a challenge.’
      • ‘Many people complain about the saturation news coverage given to yucky, sensationalistic stories of limited public value.’
      • ‘The game tanked, but not before receiving widespread press coverage.’
      • ‘For full, in-depth coverage of the elections, don't miss our Special Report.’
      • ‘Exhausted we watched the latest TV coverage of the election.’
      • ‘Look, there has been blanket coverage of this issue.’
      • ‘There were people who were, in fact, concerned about the paper's coverage of those issues.’
      • ‘There's a weariness to the papers' coverage of this story.’
      • ‘Critics of embedded reporting also complain about the networks' limited coverage of anti-war protests.’
      • ‘And keep watching for increased coverage of the topics that matter to you most.’
      • ‘A great deal of coverage associated the anti-war movement with celebrities and popular cultural activity generally.’
      • ‘So who is offering the most complete coverage of the war?’
      • ‘I've been watching a great deal of coverage of the imminent US Presidential elections on TV and reading about it in the papers.’
      • ‘These tragic incidents, although very rare, receive a great deal of press coverage.’
      • ‘The convention received a good deal of coverage at the time, but no lasting impact has been felt.’
      reporting, reportage, description, treatment, handling, presentation
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    2. 1.2The area reached by a broadcasting station or advertising medium.
      ‘a network of eighty transmitters would give nationwide coverage’
      • ‘But this only applied to that company, since there were no other private stations with nation-wide coverage.’
      • ‘The show will also receive national radio coverage, with the station broadcasting live from the exhibition.’
      • ‘Beacon Hill brings approximately 177,000 people into BBC national digital radio coverage for the first time.’
      • ‘Regional coverage is another area where work is needed.’
      • ‘In all, the event generated more than 200 broadcast stories in over 53 cities and print coverage reaching six million readers.’
      • ‘The strict rules governing transmitter power and coverage result in a very limited audience for a station's programming.’
      • ‘Some even suggest the combined resources of a broadcast station and a newspaper would lead to better coverage.’
      • ‘The existing Anchorage network has been merged with the new ANSS stations to provide improved coverage of the Anchorage region.’
      • ‘We can guarantee that these broadcasts will receive global coverage on all networks including the BBC.’
      • ‘The fact that it is easy and cost-efficient to bring DRM programs on air enables established stations to broaden their coverage area.’
      • ‘It is far less expensive funding that process than what carriers spend on towers without reaching the same coverage.’
      • ‘The professor concluded by requesting expanded coverage of Japanese broadcasts.’
      • ‘Fitzgerald said the product could also bring wireless coverage to remote land-based stations.’
      • ‘Relays mounted on a space-based platform offer the advantage of large coverage.’
      • ‘Remember, in most coverage areas you don't even need a cell-phone account.’
      • ‘The Western Telegraph today joins forces with the county council in a campaign to achieve total broadband coverage in Pembrokeshire.’
      • ‘There is not the total coverage of the country that we had in the past.’
      • ‘At some point, a radio group with extensive interests in England will want coverage in Scotland to offer a complete package to advertisers.’
      • ‘Mobile phone network operator 02 has been boasting recently about the extensive coverage it offers customers.’
      • ‘For any extent of network coverage, it is important that the connection quality be maintained.’
      • ‘This new line makes a lot more of Singapore accessible, but there are still areas that lack good coverage.’
      • ‘But problems with this system could occur when motorists hit an area with no coverage.’
  • 2The area that can be covered by a specified volume or weight of a substance.

    ‘coverage is 6.5 square metres per litre’
    • ‘The increased number of detectors and tube rotation times combine to give faster coverage of a given volume of tissue.’
    • ‘These provide thermal and acoustical insulation, strength with low weight, and coverage with few heat loss paths.’
    • ‘Then came the drought, with some events threatened by the lack of rain and grass coverage on the playing fields.’
    • ‘Foliar coverage increases as spray volume and pressure are increased.’
    • ‘It is not possible to determine the point where a monolayer is compressed to its complete coverage without auxiliary experiments.’
  • 3US The amount of protection given by an insurance policy.

    ‘If children are dependent on both parents' income, you may need to increase your existing life insurance coverage.’
    • ‘Insurance coverage provides protection for the income and business regardless of the size of the home-based business.’
    • ‘They plan to increase the amount of permanent life insurance and reduce term coverage annually.’
    • ‘While the amount of coverage depends on the income, Summers says policies generally pay up to $5,000 each month.’
    • ‘A farmer with APH insurance coverage receives an indemnity if the harvested yield is less than the yield guarantee.’
    • ‘The majority work long hours for low wages, with no insurance coverage or legal protection.’
    • ‘One of the company's more unusual policies: poultry insurance, which includes coverage specifically for turkeys.’
    • ‘However, it is essential for you to be aware of all details and available coverage on your insurance policy.’
    • ‘For example, confirm insurance coverage and ask if the policy is new or has been renewed.’
    • ‘There is some insurance available, although the amount of coverage is paltry.’
    • ‘I have no medical insurance and no dental coverage.’
    • ‘Minimal rent assistance, family allowances and Medicare health insurance coverage are available.’
    • ‘The worst grand deal Miller offers is his proposal for universal health insurance coverage.’
    • ‘Given the lack of universal health insurance coverage, poverty and poor child health go hand in hand.’
    • ‘They will discuss insurance issues confronting firearm retailers, and present ways dealers can get adequate coverage at affordable rates.’
    • ‘The maximum coverage available for a single exhibition is $600 million, up from $500 million.’
    • ‘Last year, 10 percent of firms surveyed said they dropped coverage for future retirees.’
    • ‘Medicaid programs are run by the states, which also determine the level and extent of coverage to recipients.’
    • ‘Ask your insurance advisor to explain the scope of the insurance coverage being offered.’
    • ‘Should it still be committed to universal coverage of a comprehensive range of services free at the point of care?’
    insurance, indemnity, indemnification, protection, security, surety, cover, coverage
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  • 4American Football
    The manner in which a defender or a defensive team cover a player, an area, or a play.

    ‘man-to-man coverage’
    • ‘he reads coverages well’
    • ‘Playing the weak side, where he'll get more man-to-man coverage, Williams should post significant numbers.’
    • ‘Barrett is tough and underrated, and his coverage skills have improved each year.’
    • ‘CB Will Allen made a few errors but showed his coverage skills and speed.’
    • ‘The Packers lacked depth at linebacker and their coverage units have been merely average.’
    • ‘The coverage units have been solid, but the return game continues to struggle.’