Meaning of coverall in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌvərɔːl/

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North American
  • Inclusive.

    ‘a coverall term’
    • ‘This fits rather neatly with a coverall definition of 'art'.’
    • ‘Alcohol and tobacco somehow don't fall under the coverall category of 'drugs'.’
    • ‘I have always objected when the term 'English' is used as a coverall description for those things which are happening within the UK at large.’


North American usually coveralls
  • A one-piece protective garment worn for heavy manual work; a boiler suit.

    ‘Moments later, a young girl with light brown hair and jean coveralls over a white shirt opened the door, a bright grin on her face.’
    • ‘He dressed, pulling on his coveralls and his shirt over his head.’
    • ‘Before going down, miners put on special underwear, coveralls, and boots and strap on an emergency breathing device.’
    • ‘Even in coveralls and a work shirt, she inspired notice.’
    • ‘The stream cut clean through my smock, apron, coveralls, and my jeans.’
    • ‘One had an ax, while the other had a baseball bat, and they were both wearing dirty coveralls with dirty white shirts.’
    • ‘He should wear complete covering - hood, coveralls, rubber gloves, and rubber boots or washable non-canvas shoes.’
    • ‘Raid operators are outfitted flame resistant coveralls, balaclavas, and gloves.’
    • ‘After we'd eaten, Steve suited up - coveralls, his tall rubber boots, gloves.’
    • ‘Sure, you hide it all behind those baseball caps and coveralls, but real men can see the truth.’
    • ‘These uniforms are called flight suits and coveralls.’
    • ‘They were all dressed in white coveralls, of some fancy reflective material.’
    • ‘She believed me to be a veterinarian dressed in coveralls and rubber boots.’
    • ‘For the last eight years I've been wearing coveralls or a flight suit.’
    • ‘My uncle was a gruff but affectionate character who wore a beret, blue coveralls and smoked hand-rolled cigarettes.’
    • ‘The last robber was unusual in that he wore a straw hat and farmer's coveralls.’
    • ‘Quality clothing ranging from brush pants to insulated coveralls were all highly requested in our survey.’
    • ‘The man was dressed in a standard technician's coveralls and safety harness.’
    • ‘Wiping the corners of her mouth with the napkin, she brushed the crumbs off her denim coveralls and turned to me.’
    • ‘I'm kind of dirty, ‘apologized Adam, referring to his smudged blue coveralls.’’