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  • A small, thin piece of glass used to cover and protect a specimen on a microscope slide.

    ‘Flow cells were fabricated by assembling two glass coverslips separated by a thin layer of parafilm.’
    • ‘For the experiments, cells were grown on glass coverslips for several days.’
    • ‘For fluorescence microscopy cells were grown on glass coverslips as described above.’
    • ‘The coverslips were mounted onto glass microscope slides with the addition of 3 l of mounting medium.’
    • ‘Cells cultured on glass coverslips were fixed for 10 min at 4°C with acetone and dried.’
    • ‘Exponentially growing cells were plated in a 6-well plate on glass coverslips and cultured for 24 h prior to drug treatment.’
    • ‘The sections were then counterstained in eosin, dehydrated, cleared, and mounted with glass coverslips.’
    • ‘The mucus trails were protected with coverslips and observed under a light microscope.’
    • ‘In this work, we have immobilized eqFP611 on glass coverslips coated with polymer chains.’
    • ‘Thirty-one mm glass coverslips were washed with 70% ethanol, then with H2O, and dried before use.’
    • ‘Glass coverslips were adhered to the petri dish by placing them over each water drop.’
    • ‘Glass coverslips were washed with ethanol followed by distilled H2O and allowed to air dry for 30 min before sample adsorption.’
    • ‘Borosilicate glass slides and coverslips were used in all imaging experiments.’
    • ‘Before use, the microcells and glass coverslips were cleaned with piranha then rinsed thoroughly in de-ionized water.’
    • ‘All measurements were performed on uncoated glass coverslips, avoiding errors in the viscoelastic data due to a soft substrate.’
    • ‘Cells were seeded onto glass coverslips at a density of 1 X 101 cells per dish, and allowed to attach.’
    • ‘Polyacrylamide gel samples were prepared on aminosilanized glass coverslips using published methods.’
    • ‘We would like to mention that we found a different behavior in fibroblasts on laminin-coated glass coverslips.’
    • ‘Glass slides and coverslips are not recommended because they do not produce reliable, consistent results.’
    • ‘The samples were then prepared on concave microscope slides under coverslips and sealed with silicone grease.’
    • ‘After electroporation, cells were plated on glass coverslips submerged in maintenance media.’