Meaning of covert coat in English:

covert coat

Pronunciation /ˈkʌvət ˌkəʊt/


  • A short, light overcoat designed to be worn for outdoor sports such as shooting and riding.

    ‘I bought a covert coat a couple of years ago, and I am very happy with it.’
    • ‘The traditional covert coat is made from a twill type of construction of about 18 oz in weight and is khaki in colour.’
    • ‘I have a covert coat from Pakeman, which I just bought this summer to wear this fall.’
    • ‘I´m interested in getting the much loved covert coat from Cordings.’
    • ‘The covert coat is named for the cloth from which it is made.’
    • ‘The covert coat was invented by Cording.’
    • ‘The design of ceremonial dress for women was influenced by the long covert coat introduced during the Ming dynasty.’
    • ‘Its products include the renowned covert coat and a wide range of tweed garments.’
    • ‘The designer calls his collection of covert coats ‘traditional Savile Row with a decadent twist’.’
    • ‘Beat the British weather with classic cashmere overcoats, traditional covert coats and windbreakers.’
    • ‘This range will be based on the five core products and specializing in items such as tweed jackets, covert coats, and riding boots.’
    • ‘From covert coats with velvet collars to the finest Cashmeres, all our overcoats are designed to keep the elements at bay.’
    • ‘Cross-pocketed trousers and the covert coat have recently become key style items.’
    • ‘There was old Lord Moleyn with a covert coat, and below that long, long legs cased in pearl-grey trousers.’
    • ‘Make every day coat day: herringbone coats and blazers for casual days; covert coats, and bridge coats for cold days.’