Meaning of cow paddock in English:

cow paddock


Australian, New Zealand
  • An area of land where cows are kept.

    ‘we drove past endless cow paddocks that used to be natural habitat’
    • ‘We did not have a Uni; in its place we had big cow paddocks.’
    • ‘We started off by going around the cow paddock and picking up the requisite cow pad and bringing it into the lab.’
    • ‘My wife and I, donned in thick wetsuits and twin scuba units, were floating in a small water-filled cave just a few metres beneath a farmer's cow paddock.’
    • ‘A huge achievement under his leadership was converting the City Oval from a cow paddock to a ground to make the club proud.’
    • ‘He described our famous centre court as a cow paddock.’
    • ‘The calf has been put in a pen with the other calves while Millie is on her own in the cow-paddock by my caravan.’
    • ‘Taking a lady's racing bike cross-country over mud-churned cow paddocks is probably not in the manufacturer's recommendations.’
    • ‘The farm on the other side of the boundary fence from my lavender/cow paddocks has 50 million sheep.’
    • ‘The route takes us through sheep and cow paddocks, along forest pathways, and over slate stiles and granite clapper bridges.’
    • ‘The main problem is that the pitch will be like a cow paddock made even uglier with the ads on the field.’