Meaning of cowardy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊədi/


‘As it happens, the cowardy custards didn't publish it, so with his permission I am going to reproduce it here.’
  • ‘Pulling out now would just be running away like a cowardy custard.’
  • ‘Cower behind the sofa, cowardy custards, as your heart goes pitter-patter.’
  • ‘Cowardy cowardy custard, your face is made of mustard!’
  • ‘When you get back we'll start a new club for you, the cowardy cowardy custards club.’


    cowardy custard
    British informal, derogatory
    • A cowardly person (often used as a taunt by children)

      • ‘the cowardy custards didn't publish it’