Meaning of cowlick in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊlɪk/

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  • A lock of hair hanging or projecting over a person's forehead.

    ‘his hair was cut short with a cowlick dropping over at the front’
    • ‘He looked extremely fatigued; there were bags under his eyes and his hair had several unnatural cowlicks in it.’
    • ‘Zeke leaned over, his white-gloved hands splayed on the counter, and his shaggy, ruffled black hair forming a cowlick.’
    • ‘He had light hair with a slight cowlick in the front.’
    • ‘His hair was brown, and a cowlick stood out from the crown of his head.’
    • ‘His forehead furrowed lightly under the shadow of the strawberry-blonde cowlicks that adorned his hairline.’
    • ‘His brown hair was parted exactly in the middle, and the two cowlicks touched his eyebrows.’
    • ‘A top-notch stylist examines your scalp, your cowlicks and the texture of your hair.’
    • ‘His hair still stuck out like he had a dozen cowlicks.’
    • ‘She smiled up at him, smoothing down the unruly cowlick that rested atop his mop of rakishly tousled brunette hair.’
    • ‘Use the clippies to add lift at the hairline or to trick a cowlick into submission.’
    • ‘The barber will just cut it short like I ask and try to work around my cowlicks.’
    • ‘Monica brings to mind those old-time sports heroes that kids with cowlicks once looked up to.’
    • ‘Ben smiled and smoothed back down his cowlicks.’
    • ‘But gradually the door creaked open, though all I could see was a cowlick and the crown of what I thought was a juvenile's head.’
    • ‘Trap the cowlick between them, pull it into position and blow-dry.’
    • ‘He adjusted his tie and slicked back his cowlick, ready for the prowl.’
    • ‘The boy-leader looked younger again, with the cowlick and the grin that he tried to fight down.’
    • ‘He looked up to her face and brushed a stray cowlick at the top of her head back into the river of brown hair.’
    • ‘Wisps of white, thinning hair stood up around the electronic appendage in an adorable old guy cowlick.’
    • ‘He finished applying the gel to his hair, although he couldn't get rid of that annoying cowlick in the back, and left the bathroom.’