Meaning of cowshed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊʃɛd/

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  • A farm building in which cattle are kept when not at pasture, or in which they are milked.

    ‘It's a mixture of habitable buildings, several disused farms, cowsheds and what was probably once a pigsty.’
    • ‘The area where the cowsheds stand will become a forbidden area for poultry and livestock breeding.’
    • ‘Heated conversations are being held around kitchen tables, in school staffrooms, in cowsheds, and in shearing sheds.’
    • ‘After the barn was raised, I built a cowshed and horse stall on the east side.’
    • ‘May cows come and bring us good fortune; let them stay in our cowsheds and be content in our company.’
    • ‘On these walks we would visit the cowsheds, which were a delight to us, for often there would be calves frolicking.’
    • ‘The nondescript enclosure stands squeezed on a road full of cowsheds and one-room hutments.’
    • ‘Times were when we did not need to generate more electricity to pump that water or to run the cowsheds.’
    • ‘Our cowshed has seen some repairs, the thatch is re-laid annually and old worm-infested wooden pole and frames are replaced.’
    • ‘‘You can't get away from the fact that you're still in a cowshed,’ he says.’
    • ‘And instead of the boardroom, this show will be shot in a cowshed.’
    • ‘The Ford Motor Company started in the corner of a cowshed.’
    • ‘His house ran on free electricity, which also powered a cowshed, and a workshop where it ran his custom-built tools.’
    • ‘Then we were kicked out and went to live in a cowshed.’
    • ‘Visiting the remote village where her ancestors lived, Syal retrieves a stone from the ruined family home - now a cowshed.’
    • ‘The forge at Coppenagh was used as a store and later as a cowshed.’
    • ‘That evening, as she took the rice gruel to the cowshed after straining the cooked rice, she screamed out in terror.’
    • ‘For help with the structural side of the cowshed, he called on old school friend Tom Hotter, also an engineer.’
    • ‘That member might have some vague and fond memories of being in a cowshed, looking up, and thinking that life is good.’
    • ‘Her studio is a former cowshed on the edge of a wildlife area in Prunje, Holland.’