Meaning of coxopodite in English:


Pronunciation /kɒkˈsɒpədʌɪt/


  • The segment nearest the body in the leg of an arthropod, especially a crustacean.

    ‘Each maxillary appendage comprises a basal coxopodite with a ventral endite.’
    • ‘The right coxopodite is acutely triangular in shape with the basal segment narrow and wholly lateral.’
    • ‘The proximal articulation of the coxopodite with the body is indistinguishable.’
    • ‘Segments 2-7 each bear a single undivided ventral sclerite or sternite and a pair of coxopodites.’


Late 19th century from Latin coxa ‘hip’ + Greek pous, pod- ‘foot’ + -ite.