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crab apple


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(also crab)
  • 1A small sour apple.

    ‘If you buy a crab apple today, it won't go sour on you.’
    • ‘If they are very lucky there may be some fruit, wild plums or a crab apple.’
    • ‘He pulled out his slingshot and loaded it with a crab apple, and took aim at Parsons' broad back.’
    • ‘I hate this ugly tree and the crab apple mess its leaves.’
    • ‘The bobtail sauce was thick and heavy, following hours of reduction of red wine, tomato, crab apple and tarragon.’
    • ‘Last weekend it was crab apple with sage, this weekend mint.’
    • ‘Wild fruit jellies, such as elderberry, rowanberry, sloe or crab apple, also make a great accompaniment.’
    • ‘I was busy picking the sour, early apples and crab apples off the ground.’
    • ‘Apples, crab apples, gooseberries, and some plums and grapes usually contain enough natural pectin to form a gel.’
    • ‘In the middle of a raging snowstorm I saw two robins greedily downing shriveled, frozen crab apples.’
  • 2

    (also crab tree, crab-apple tree)
    The small tree that bears the crab apple.

    Genus Malus, family Rosaceae: several species and hybrids, in particular the wild Eurasian crab apple (M. sylvestris)

    ‘The Midland Section commemorated the 10th anniversary by planting a snowdrift crab-apple tree.’
    • ‘She had only to stand in the orchard, to put her hand on a little crab tree and look up at the apples, to make you feel the goodness of planting.’
    • ‘Tree peonies, magnolias, pagoda dogwood and flowering crab trees accompany roses.’
    • ‘Repellent sprays help, provided the curculios have a flowering crab apple nearby on which to turn their attention.’
    • ‘If you need a plant tough enough to survive a windy, exposed site, I'd recommend the crab apple.’
    • ‘It's difficult to choose a single specimen but, more often than not, I suggest a crab apple.’
    • ‘In addition, they are prone to any number of disfiguring diseases that can transfer to other fruiting trees like rowan and crab apple.’
    • ‘Primroses are often planted as ground cover under spring-flowering trees, such as dogwood, flowering crab apple, and flowering cherry.’
    • ‘Unfortunately a field of sunflowers were over, but we had the fruits of autumn, sloe, elderberry and powerfully scented crab apple.’
    • ‘The first group consists of those planted in the last 20 to 30 years, species such as rowan, cherry and crab apple.’
    • ‘The native species included ash, oak, maple, ash, hawthorn, poplar, crab apple and blackthorn.’
    • ‘Though upright in shape, this species of crab apple is entirely different.’
    • ‘I admire the way the crab apple tree made her large blue and white mansion look less pompous.’
    • ‘We noted that the very old crab apple tree in the hedge had set more fruit than ever before.’
    • ‘The Japanese crab apple, M floribunda, is small and dainty.’
    • ‘The crab apple trees planted in gardens and on verges throughout this fair city are doing their early pink floral thing.’
    • ‘The old crab apple tree lost all its leaves and it was barely able to stay up.’
    • ‘I think the crab apple tree and climbing honeysuckle were placed as diversions at the corner of Mrs. Nesbitt's yard.’
    • ‘It faced a window where a crab apple tree dominated the field.’
    • ‘The heavy spout represents the lumpy branch of a crab apple tree.’
    • ‘Pupils at schools, have signed up to collect seeds such as crab apple and dog rose but more help is needed.’


Late Middle English crab perhaps an alteration (influenced by crab or crabbed) of Scots and northern English scrab, in the same sense, probably of Scandinavian origin.